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The First Hunt

              Her feet pounded against the ground as she felt a rush through her body. Her eyes shifted up to the sky, allowing the large, glowing moon to wash down over her with its rich, warm light. It was the full moon, all the power and bloodlust that had been building all month had come to this moment. She already tasted the sweet essence of copper blood in her mouth. It was a warm and promising feeling on the night of a full moon, in deep contrast with the taunting, mocking sensation it gave her during any other time of the month. She let out a heavy breath, feeling the wind pull her smokey topaz hair. It danced behind her, whipping around with intense ferocity. That was until she tasted the scent of others against her tongue. She was entering the gathering area and could see others already standing around and chatting with one another. A few eyes shifted over to gaze at her; it forced her to squirm with discomfort as she came to a slowed stop. However, she was used to the eyes being on her, her father was Alpha she was always grabbing the attention of others. She despised it. But the attention was instantly captured by a menacing creature on the ledge. Lacey followed the gaze of the others to find the enormous grey creature on the ledge above them. Everyone appeared to have admiration for the creature, and he gave off an intensely dominant and powerful aura. Many of the others had stopped their chatter to tilt their head down in a form of submission towards the Alpha. Although stubborn, Lacey's instincts forced her to obey and bow her head. She knew it would be stupid to challenge the Alpha, even if it was her own father.
              "Brothers and Sisters" The voice boomed, causing the air to shake like it always tended to do just after a lightning strike. It always warned those nearby of the thunder that was coming. "Tonight is the night…." Maurice let out a subtle hiss as he dragged out the last word. His body was enormous, a form that appeared to be coated in a thick grey pelt but shared the common characteristics of a human. He had arms and legs that had knees and elbows like a person. He was able to lift himself onto his hind legs and stand easily. However, he had a short tail and lengthy claws, as well as a wolf snout and ears. He lifted his arms into the air, his fist clenched to express his strength. The powerful motion encouraged a new feeling to rush through the people below. The humans began to growl and pant with the anxiety of what was to come. The energy in the air was growing with each second. "So shred your skins and let us run." He let out a monstrous howl. His throat and chest vibrated as the robust voice climbed to the heavens. It was a picturesque scene with the moon illuminating him from behind.
              The pack was eager to obey their leader, shredding their clothing before to shift into their furry forms. Some weren't fast enough and simply ripped through their clothing in order to release their inner wolves. As soon as they had taken to their wolf forms, each member of the pack lifted their heads up and bellowed out their own note to reach their Alpha's. This was the beginning of each hunt.
              Maurice leap down from his podium, morphing in midair and landing in a grey wolf form. He growled as the others moved to create a channel running through the small group. The Alpha held his head high with authority before letting out a stark bark, racing through the group to lead the hunt. The others followed in turn, some of the strongest males in the pack keeping pace directly behind or adjacent to their leader. The large pack of wolves moved through the forest and towards the grasslands. There were about twelve in count, a few stragglers fighting to keep up in the back. Each wolf moved in unison with each other, following the guidance of the head male.
               Don't give me attitude tonight Lacey The growling voice rumbled in her mind. Lacey glared as her father reminded her that even her thoughts were not her own. The pack was connected and didn't even need speech to communicate. She let out a verbal growl before replying telepathically Have no concern for me father, I'll take down my own. Her voice was definite and assertive. Lacey was perhaps one of the only wolves in the pack that could get away with speaking to the male in such a manner. She had respect for her father, but she was growing into her adolescent years as a werewolf and felt a strong surge of rebellion. The Alpha expressed irritation in this reply shifting the pack towards the west to follow a strong scent of a elk herd.
              "Hurry up Dennis!" Raven snapped back at the male as she fought to keep up with the others. She was the second youngest in the pack and still finding it difficult to compete against everyone else. Dennis was the omega and he proved it in his speed and agility. He was already panting heavily and the run had just begun. "I.. *huff* comin'….*huff* just-just *huff* wait!" He jarred himself forward, forcing his legs to move faster in hopes to at least catch up to Raven. "Why *huff* so-Fast!?" He questioned as his chest fought to expand wider and take in more breaths. Raven simply rolled her eyes as her longer legs glided over the grass, allowing the soft blades to lick at her paw pads. "You'll never prove yourself by running that slow. Looks like you'll always be an Omega." She knew she could touch a button with that statement and a shocked expression crossed Dennis's brown face. Uniquely, he was one of the few deep brown wolves in the pack. With a sudden rush determination, Dennis fought against his exhaustion to move forward. He powered his thin legs that seemed to lack muscle, and began to actually gain on the pack. His tongue hung out of his mouth slapping against his cheek in the breeze as he ran. Raven cocked a brow at the young male's stupidity and shook her head before following after him to reach the pack's hind end.
              "Rage, take Psyche, Bullet, Reese and Drake around to the southeast of the herd. We run them and split them. Find the weakest link and take it down." He let out the orders with a sharp bark and the Beta replied with a simply nod before guiding those directed away. The continued to run, their eyes narrowed with determination and expert skill from years of practice. Maurice began the charge towards the herd, forcing it into a frenzy run.  The pack fanned out behind the herd, splitting it in a number of smaller groups that would encourage the confusion of the herd. Rage led the next advance through the smaller groups, splitting one or two elk away from their herds.
              A look of determination crossed Lacey's expression as she noticed a slower elk to her left. She leap at it as snapped at its legs, forcing it to jump away in a frenzy of confusion and fear. This movement forced the elk away from its small group providing Lacey with easy prey. Lacey chased after it, wanting to prove something to her father. She geared her legs for a powerful lift, sending her souring into the air. She dug her claws into the rear of the elk as it let out an alarmed bellow. Lacey snarled, her grey lips curling back to show her fangs as she dragged her claws through the creature's rear. But Lacey was sliding down and was headed right for the elk's hind hooves that could pack a powerful punch and if it managed to collide with her skull, she could be facing death.
              "I got this-I got this-I got this!" Dennis huffed and puffed as he ran forward, noticing the elk being brought down by Lacey. Now was his chance to help with a kill. He headed right for her, his tongue still lolling from his mouth as he barked out. "Lacey I'm here to-" He let out a sudden yelp of surprise as a powerful hoof smashed into his right shoulder. The force caused him to fall back, doubling over before falling to the ground with a sharp whine. The pain struck him suddenly, feeling the bones on his shoulder shattered from impact.
              "Dennis! No!" Lacey barked but it was too late to do anything and she had an elk to bring down still. At this point she was growing fearful and simply prayed for the elk to fall down. That next moment she felt herself moving down. When she opened her eyes, Rage was on the creature's throat, his strong jaw wrapped around its neck and teeth buried into the moaning elk's flesh. Lacey gasped before jumping aside and panting. Rage's eyes shifted to the female before he dropped the meaty head as the elk let out its last breath. "Thank you…" Lacey let out a soft whisper. She was both astonished and grateful for the male's interruption. Rage simply nodded to her before shifting to greet the approaching Alpha as the excitement of the hunt began to die down. Lacey was still staring at Rage up until Maurice spoke her name.
              "Lacey, that was a great kill." He commented bluntly, his attempts at admiring others skills was quite terrible in Lacey's opinion, but in this case she was astonished he had said anything at all. "Oh but I didn'-" Lacey began but was suddenly cut off by Rage's interruption. "Yes, Lacey, you have a great eye. Must be natural instinct." He stated, his head high and a brief smirk twitching on his lips. Lacey gulped then nodded her head. "Thanks..." She mumbled with uncertainty. Then a thought flashed through her mind. "Dennis!" She barked in sudden realization that the Omega had attempted to aid her kill. She searched around, her eyes large and wide with worry. "He's just fine, Lacey, Cecelia already has him headed over to see Pearl." Pearl was the caretaker and although she normally just looked after others pups, she also had minor skill with dealing with injuries. Although the thought was comforting that he was clearly alive, she mentally reminded herself to check up on him after the meal.
              "We head back to the Manor and make ourselves a wonderful dinner then! With Lacey and Bullet's kills we honor our ancestry!" The dominating voice took over the small field, calling out over the others as a commanding tone but also a victory howl. The others joined in with celebratory howls just before Psyche, Reese, Bullet and Drake gathered the kills together to drag the large elk back home.
              Lacey walked next to Sid and Charlie on her way home. They were both chatting idling to fill the silent gap that took over the forest otherwise but Lacey's mind was still on the traumatizing image of Dennis being pounded by a strong hoof. "Do you think Dennis will be able to make it to dinner?" She interrupted the chatter. Charlie and Sid both looked at Lacey with a mixture of confusion. But Sid shifted a bit in discomfort before stating, "Why do you ask?" Lacey's ears folded back on her head and flattened to her skull. "I just thought that if he couldn't come to dinner, maybe we should bring him something…after all he did try to help take it down. I mean, that hoof could have hit me instead of him.." Sid responded with a simple roll of the eyes, making Lacey curious. Sid and Dennis used to be the best of friends but now it seemed like Sid hated the male. Lacey lowered her eyes to the ground with a pang of sadness. Then, Charlie nudged her shoulder in comfort and smiled happily. "If you want to bring him food, I'll go with you." Her tail was wagging behind her, giving her an extremely inviting and friendly persona. Lacey couldn't help but smile. "Thanks Charlie…" Charlie nodded in response then glanced between Sid and Lacey. "Now, who thinks they can beat me back to the house?"
              It was clearly a challenge and Sid and Lacey looked to each other with a devious smirk before adding, "You're on!" in unison. The next moment, the three wolves were laughing and running back to the manor that sat in the near distance.
Chapter 1: The First Hunt
Seeing as this is the first chapter of my werewolf pack story "The Bond of the Brotherhood" I mainly focus on introducing some key characters. During every full moon of the month, the pack goes on a hunt to celebrate their ancestry and make a kill for the well-being of their future. Lacey is introduced as the Alpha, Maurice's Daughter. She has been having a somewhat difficult time attempting to prove herself to her father. Seeing as he is the most powerful member of the pack, Maurice isn't easy to please. So Lacey attempts to take down a kill by herself but Dennis is injured and in the end Rage is the one who really brings it down. However, Rage gives Lacey the credit for the kill in hopes that it would ease the trouble she's been having with her father. Lacey is an adolescent making her relationship with her father, all the more complicated.

Maurice- Alpha
Rage- Beta
Lacey- Alpha's Daughter
Dennis- Omega
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